Soul Naming Ceremony

Loving  and Fun

As we grow spiritually and connect with our soul, we are sometimes given insight into our soul's name.   When this happens it is a  joyous and special time, a time for fully connection with ourselves and fully uniting with who we really are.

Whatever your beliefs, whatever your reason, if you connect with another name rather than the name given to you at birth, then it surely must be a time to share and celebrate connecting with that name and your authentic self.

I am happy to work with you to create a ceremony and create rituals that acknowledge you. Whoever you are and whatever your reason - if you want to acknowledge your soul name, or give yourself a name that feels more you, then I am more than happy to work with you and create your ceremony.  

Depending on the ceremony prices for this service start at £200.

If you would like to know more or ask questions or make suggestions please get in touch, using the button below.



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