• Carolanne Allardyce

Naming Ceremonies - not just for children!

Naming Ceremonies – not just for children.

When we think of Naming Ceremonies we automatically think of babies or children – but did you know there is a growing interest in Naming Ceremonies for adults and older children?

Changing your name, is so much more than any legal steps, it is about a sense of identity, it is transformational and deserves to be not only acknowledged but celebrated.

Here are just a few reasons adults might want to change their name and have a Ceremony to acknowledge this change.

New Family – you may have been adopted or two families might be uniting (step families) and it may be that you would like to take on a new name that is more fitting with your new circumstances or to feel more part of a new family.

Identity – maybe you no longer identify with your name and feel choosing a name that you can identify with or that will fit in with another culture, country, or religion that you have chosen.

Gender change – If you are going through any kind of transformation or acknowledgment of who you are and would like your name to express this more clearly, then of course change of name is an important part of the process.

Divorce or Separation - perhaps you don’t feel you can keep the surname of a partner or spouse and would like to change back to a previous name, or even give yourself a new name that matches with who you are.

To take your partner’s name – maybe you want to commit to a partner by taking their name but without the marriage, taking on your partner’s name is a big step and deserves recognition.

Soul Name – some may feel they no longer (or may never have) connected to their birth name, and they find their soul name and want to change and celebrate that change.

You may want to honour or recognise another person, for example a family member or ancestor or to restore a family surname that has been changed.

Or maybe quite simply you dislike your current name and therefore want to feel more connected to your name.

Why have a Ceremony

The simple answer of course is why not?

However, there are some really strong reasons why you might have a ceremony – by way of a celebration. A ceremony recognises and allows the transformation to really begin. It creates a space for announcement, acceptance, acknowledgement and celebration.

A ceremony allows an opportunity for you to shout out to the world who you are.

A personal ceremony allows you to share your joy and brings together people who you feel are important. It is not only an announcement but a ritual to you – and this can be in any form that you want it to be.

We all have this inherent need to celebrate the many aspects of life and as such we acknowledge milestones – birth, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, achievements, and so much more. There can be nothing more important than honouring your own uniqueness. Your Self, your essence, your identity – letting the world know who you are.

There are so many wonderful ways in which a Celebrant can help you do this. The main and most important way is to create a meaningful ceremony that acknowledges you and allows memories to be taken away that create a sense of who you really are and what matters to you. A ceremony that screams it was created just for you. A ceremony that has no rights or wrongs and includes what and who you want it to.

A Celebrant can do all of that for you and lead the ceremony so that you can relax and enjoy YOUR day.



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