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Magical Proposals

The Perfect Proposal

To quote Andy Williams

"It’s the most wonderful time of the year."

Yes, he was perhaps referring to Christmas – and yes Christmas for many is wonderful. But Christmas for many signifies - Proposal season is upon us – YES there is such a thing.

In slightly under 2 months almost half of proposals are carried out - It is a truth that 40% of couple engagements happen between the 20th December - 14th February every year.

An engagement is a huge way to acknowledge your commitment to one another – the start of the rest of your lives together, that is pretty special!!

Making it memorable is therefore of great importance. Memorable doesn’t have to be expensive, traditional, involve a ring or getting down on one knee – although it can be, Memorable for me, means personal, a reflection of you as a couple, putting you and your love at the very core of the proposal.

What Makes your proposal Unique and Memorable?

No two relationships are the same, every couple’s journey of love is unique and special.

For you, the perfect proposal might be tying a knotted string round your ankle or creating a sacred space for which you declare your intentions, or it may be sharing a very special moment at the very place you first met. It might mean performing a Unity Ritual or some other kind of Ceremony. There are no right or wrong ways.

The truth is, whatever is meaningful to you and your loved one is what makes it yours, and what makes it memorable. Thinking outside of the box and creating the perfect proposal rather than doing what is expected of you.

Creating your own Family Tradition

Your engagement is the start of you creating your family – your new life. It is the ideal time to honour traditions that are important to you, but to also make your own rituals and traditions. Bring forward what is meaningful to you and use that to start your own theme or tradition.

Practical things to Consider before Popping the Question

1. How confident are you that the answer will be yes? Have you discussed marriage with your partner? Do you know how they feel, where they are at with marriage, are they ready?

2. Have you considered finances? Do you know what kind of proposal/ring etc you want, and can you cover the cost without it breaking you?

3. Are there any traditions that your partner might want respected – such as asking for his/her hand in marriage? Speak to family and friends if you feel it is right to do so?

4. What are each of your values? Would your partner be distressed by a public proposal? What really matters to you both?

5. Are you giving a ring? If so, do you know the ring size and preferred style and colours?

6. Have you planned the how’s and where’s – if not do you need professional help to do so, or can you enlist family and friends?

Finally – give yourself time to enjoy the process and the actual event itself – create and capture memories around all of that.

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