End of Life Support

Guidance and Support

I come from a place of love and support - regardless of beliefs, I respect you as an individual and am happy to work with you in a respectful way, honouring your beliefs.

I offer a non-medical role with an aim of preserving the quality of wellbeing, and sense of self worth at any stage for those who have life limiting illness and can take this support through to funeral and after care for family.

I offer a practical, emotional and spiritual support with compassion, sharing knowledge, experience and understanding allowing those using the service to feel supported, be given choice to facilitate an end of life that it is meaningful, dignified and as peaceful as possible.

My focus is on people and individuals, their loved ones, leaving the professional and medical teams to do their part whilst offering services out with their realm.

I am able to do the supporting and practical tasks such as making a cup of tea, a meal, sitting having a friendly chat, or any practical tasks that may be overlooked.

I will be a companion, listening ear, comfort or whatever is needed.

I can help coordinate care rotas, visits and mediate if needed.

Be a point of contact to coordinate or liaise with professionals, friends and family.

Help with decision making.

Offer healing and emotional support.

Be available for loved ones.

I will listen to your wishes and do what I can to ensure they are heard and met.

In my role as an end of life Doula, I can be whatever is needed out with the medical role and I will do so with respect and compassion.

Of course, it is important that you are comfortable with me, so after contact is made, we will meet (whether with family and friends or one to one) to get to know a little about each other. My aim is to get to know the life you have lived and who/what is important to you.

I want to know what you like, don’t like, what you want from me and how you would choose your life to be whilst living within the situation you are in. Once we have explored your needs and how they might be met - we can then enter into a formal arrangement, whether you want daily, weekly, monthly support and however you want that support to be.

 My promise to you is that I will endeavour to meet your needs as best as I can, I will offer honesty when I feel I can’t. You are absolutely assured that you will receive non-judgemental support with a view to creating as peaceful a passing as possible.

Fees for this service vary – the initial meeting carries no fee, thereafter we will agree a fee, whether it is an hourly rate a monthly fee or whatever we can to ensure you receive the best possible package for you.



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